Landlord and Tenant Matters in Los Angeles

According to an article in the First Tuesday Journal, California’s homeownership rate was 54.5% in a recent year and historically ranges around 10% below the national rate. Homeownership statewide has been downward trending since 2006, which means that more people are renting and legal assistance is often needed when unlawful detainer lawsuits and other landlord/tenant issues arise.

Landlord Requirements Under the Law

The law requires landlords to do considerably more than collect their rent. They must provide a livable residence and maintain it. That includes weather protection, well-maintained floors and walls, and sanitary conditions, free of health and safety hazards such as lead paint and any physically or morally offensive nuisances. Landlords also have a duty to disclose certain information in rental agreements or leases.

Tenant Rights Under the Law

Tenants have certain protections under California law. They have the right to withhold rent in certain cases when landlords fail to make necessary repairs or remedy situations and resulting living conditions are intolerable for the tenant. They also have a right to the timely return of security deposits, or advance notice along with a detailed explanation if a portion of the deposit is not returned due to damage beyond normal wear and tear.

Pasadena Landlord and Tenant Lawyers

At Access Lawyers Group, our landlord/tenant attorneys assist California clients in a range of legal matters, including:

  • Unlawful Detainer Lawsuits (Evictions)
  • Failure to Timely Return Security Deposits
  • Failure to Disclose Information in Lease or Rental Agreement
  • Landlord Failure to Make Necessary Repairs
  • Landlord Failure to Remedy Intolerable Conditions
  • Landlord Retaliation
  • Unlawful Discrimination

Legal Help with California Landlord/Tenant Disputes

In a state where nearly half the residents do not own their own homes, leases, rental agreements, and tenant/landlord interactions are a part of life for a great number of people. Rental agreements run smoothly in many cases, with no significant problems, but when issues do arise, it is important to seek legal assistance.

Our Pasadena landlord/tenant lawyers at Access Lawyers Group know the law, and we can assist you if the other party is violating the terms of your lease or rental agreement. Whether you are dealing with an unlawful detainer lawsuit, or other landlord/tenant matter, our dedicated legal team can make all the difference in the final outcome.

Source: First Tuesday Journal: Rentals: The Future of California Real Estate?

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