C. Mario Jaramillo, Esq.


C. Mario Jaramillo, Esq.


C. Mario Jaramillo, Esq., is an experienced relationship builder. During his first few years of practice, Mario worked at prominent California law firms, where he represented a multitude of clients. His caseload ranged from the simple to the complex; his clients from individuals to multi-national corporations.

As a result of his early legal experience, Mario was soon able to expand and open his own practice. Quickly, his practice grew and his representation of clients became more focused on assisting individuals with personal claims and small businesses with general matters. Due to his small business knowledge, Mario became a panel member of the SCORE workshops for the L.A. Chamber of Commerce and regularly lectured small business owners on the pros/cons of owning their own business, as well as legal pitfalls to avoid.

Mario now consults both clients and attorneys in a variety of legal matters; including the quality and marketing of one’s business/product/services. Mario’s expertise is in spotting the legal issues faced by his clients and compiling of team of attorneys and support staff to best represent the client’s interests and goals in the most efficient and economical manner. Attorneys and clients throughout California seek Mario’s counsel in this regard and he has established longstanding relationships with clients and fellow attorneys as a result.

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